About Momarrd


Prior to founding MOMARRD, we found ourselves pondering a fundamental question: what compelled us to enter this  intricate industry, fully aware of the potential challenges in assembling a suitable team?

Our team now has more than 10 years of experience in the construction industry, interior design, architecture design, and real estate development. We have truly realized that we can embrace the idea of creating anything (seriously, anything you could imagine can turn into a unique creation!). That’s why we sought after the right people to join MOMARRD from the beginning. The truth is, the right people will do the right things and deliver the best results they can. Their inner moral code will allow them to do whatever it takes to do the right job. This notion has become our nature, with our accumulated experience in the private and public sectors, and our background specializes in luxury residential, commercial, offices, and food and beverage retail shops.


Our team believes in collaborating with our clients, making them feel special along the way, to build and maintain successful relationships. We are engineers, highly-dependable professionals who will turn your ideas into reality. We have faith in the beauty of unique creations and the power of architectural, structural, and MEP designs. We will serve you through the early stages of pre-construction, then assist you in developing clear expectations for your projects. Additionally, we specialize in interior design, architecture design, planning, cost management, scheduling, mobilization solutions, and overall value engineering.

Our Mission & Vision

We are a group of people who are passionate about work ethic, honoring commitments, and adding value to our clients’ projects. We see ourselves as more than just an ordinary contractor; we provide solutions, not just services.

Our Mission

Transforming spaces, creating timeless environments with precision and innovation.

Our Vision

Elevating living and working spaces through innovative design solutions.

Why Momarrd

  • Our engineering consultancy expertise is complemented by a PMP-oriented mindset.
  • We embrace your concepts and meticulously develop them until the ultimate product is achieved.
  • Safety holds a paramount position for us; it ranks among our highest priorities.
  • With thorough training and utmost professionalism, we also bring an element of boldness to our approach!
  • We eschew conventional methods; instead, we follow the distinctive Squad approach to getting things done!
  • Guiding you through the entire expedition, we progress step by step, reaching milestones along the way.

We help you
build your own story.

Glad that you will choose us
To be your building partner
We have followed the latest methods and used the most specialized tools to achieve faster and reliable services.
This gives us the opportunity to serve our customers better and more effectively in their business, to receive their continuous satisfaction and recommendations to choose our company to work with.

Zayed Abdul Rahim

Chief Executive Officer


At MOMARRD, we prioritize people as the most important resource in the company. This belief drives our commitment to implementing safety measures on construction sites. We adhere to professional standards at all levels, ensuring the smooth progression of all activities.

To guarantee the highest safety requirements, we follow these practices:

  1. Ensure the availability of minimum safety equipment, including head protection/helmet, reflective vest, safety boots, safety glasses, and gloves.
  2. Conduct regular maintenance on our equipment, typically after each project.
  3. Provide all logistical items that facilitate our people’s work.
  4. Emphasize housekeeping to maintain the site in excellent condition—a detail often overlooked in the market.

We take responsibility for sharing knowledge to implement the highest safety standards for our people and clients. As part of our development, we plan to apply OSHA methodology to enhance our internal processes and establish ourselves as a superior contractor in the construction industry.