Furniture Styles: What are they, and what makes them?

There are countless furniture styles, sub-styles and trends. But some styles remain and have now passed into common usage. The following overview reveals what these are and what makes them special.

Home furnishings often cannot be assigned to a particular style. Nevertheless, it is helpful to know what characterizes the different furniture styles. On this basis, different styles can be combined, so that a varied interior design is created.

If a home interior is to be completely homogeneous in one style, there are also many ways to make a room dynamic and full of accents. Tips on how to do this can be found in the respective sections of the interior design styles.

Modern furniture style

Modern is a very broad style term. However, in home furnishings, it refers to a design trend that emerged at the turn of the 20th century. Functionality and simplicity were the new buzzwords, simple designs with clean lines the characteristics of the new furniture.

Colors in modern furniture style

A modern interior is usually kept in neutral, warm colors. Earthy tones in light and darker shades can be found equally.

Modern minimalists opt for a monochrome color scheme, that is, home furnishings in very few similar colors. The room itself, furniture as well as accessories differ only in subtle nuances. In this way, a calm, tidy ambience is created, which does not unnecessarily distract the eye. Quite in the spirit of modernity.

However, this does not mean that colors are completely dispensed with. In a modern home furnishings may also be gaudy accents. They emphasize once again this colorful restrained style.

Minimalist furniture style

Minimalist style of interior basically emerges from the modern style. Both styles share many characteristics. Minimalists now just go one step further in terms of simplicity and clarity. If you want to furnish your rooms in a minimalist way, you have to master the art of omission. Less is more – this is the motto of the minimalists. Simple, clear designs combined with restrained, neutral colors create a tidy aesthetic. The simple furniture designs completely dispense with ornamentation and other details. Closely related to the minimalist furniture style is the trend of slow living, which is rather a way of living. The reflection on the important, without distraction by superfluous things is characterized in the minimalist room in particular by a lot of space, visual expanse and minimal furnishings.