At MOMARRD, we believe that people are the most important resource in the company. That’s why we put great attention into implementing safety in the construction sites; this care comes from adopting professional standards even at the most basic levels, to ensure that all activities are progressing well.
We will always push to make sure that the highest safety requirements are implemented, and for that we make sure we’re doing the following:
  • Availability of the minimum safety equipment, such as (head protection/helmet, reflective vest, safety boot, safety glasses, and gloves).
  • Regular maintenance to our equipment, usually after each project.
  • Ability to provide all logistics items that facilitates our people’swork.
  • Housekeeping is a very important element, so we can ensure that the site is always in a good condition (there are only a few in the market who pay attention to this detail!).
  • We take responsibility in sharing knowledge wherever possible, toimplement the highest safety standards for our people and clients. We are planning to apply OSHA methodology as we are developing our internal process to become a superior contractor in construction industry.